Streaming Possibilities (Or lack thereof) – Nintendo Switch

While streaming and its effects on the general gaming community is to be the focus of this project, examination of the gaming industry as it currently stands is an extremely integral piece to the puzzle.

Specifically covered in this article here is state of play of Nintendo, and thoughts on how its success will define the company going forward. Ryan McCaffrey’s comments on the prospective success of Nintendo depends on Switch paints a similar picture to SEGA’s fall from grace in 2001 following the failure of the DreamCast.

Current Streaming is possible on PCs, Xbox One and Playstation 4, but streaming capabilities for Switch have not been mentioned. Due to its presence as a “super-powered gaming tablet” this is not extremely surprising but with the constant growth and importance of streaming in the gaming community, it is interesting that such a now-common feature is absent. Granted we still don’t know enough about Switch, but considering Nintendo’s stance on Wii U streaming via Twitch as recent as 2014, it seems unlikely that streaming will come.


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